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Not too long ago my husband and i were saying that out of all the cheaper brands, Clover valley products were the best we have come across. At the time every Clover valley item we have purchased was as good or better than any big name product..But now, we are very VERY disappointed.

I just want to know What happened?

Its like you just dont care anymore...And from what i have been reading, my family and I are not the only ones you have let down..I know a dollar or two may not seem like much to some, but for a lot of people it is, and then only to get home, open your products to feed the family, and its nothing like before..this is more than about picky tastes or trying something new and it not be good, its about taking the trust that we had in you and your what was quality products and changing them to the point where theyre not even close to what they once were... To who ever is in charge,I would be ashamed of what my company has done to the name of what was a trusted name

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I think they are importing all this junk from China. On the Graham crackers I just bought it lists the distributor and the ingredients but NOT the manufacturer or country of origin. Usually this is a sign it's from CHina.

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