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I bought clover leaf water and I’m concerned about this strong chemical smell . I’ve googled to see if this has happened to others .

Product or Service Mentioned: Clover Valley Purified Bottled Water.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have drank clover valley on several occasions. At first I thought it was very salty and thought maybe it was from my lips.But after consuming several bottles I asked family to try it and tell me what they thought.Without me saying anything they all had the same response.Very salty!!I havehigh blood pressure and am not suppose to have salt .I regulate my diet around salty foods and do without things I like but by drinking this salt water it becomes useless. Defeating my purpose.If companies are putting salt in their bottle water it should be labled for people like me.Clover Valley has no ingredients lable saying they add salt and when I look them up to find ingredients there is none and the question gets roundabouted!

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Same thing happened today 9/19/2018 and they ended up pulling the entire batch of jugs. The manager was really nice and continued to open a few more only to smell that really bad smell.

I did taste the water but did not swallow it.

I really hope no one drinks that water. Who knows what kind of chemicals are in there.

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