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Bought a bottle of Clover Valley vegetable oil. Could not get the top off.

I let my neighbor try, to NO avail!! We tried everything but the top was so tight, it wouldn’t budge. Couldn’t just take it back, as it was dropped off after sending someone to the store. Long story short, I was preparing dinner and ended up stabbing the bottle near the top to get it open.

Oil flew everywhere. I was fuming with anger and disappointment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clover Valley Vegetable Cooking Oil.

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My husband and I just had the same experience. We tried everything, even a box cutter along the cap to try and break the seal. Ended up with the same solution, cut near the top of the bottle, oil everywhere, putting as much as I could in a tin water bottle the rest sits on the counter with a napkin just to be dumped (1/2 a bottle) this is very frustrating.

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