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My daughter had an anaphylactic allergic reaction to the Clover Valley spaghetti noodles on July 3, 2019. Nothing on the ingredients says made in a factory with egg contamination etc.

please have stricter food ingredient guidelines. My 8 year old daughter and others could have their throat close and die! We had to go to the E.R. And she had to have an I.V.

to save her life with Epi Pens nearby if the steroids didn’t help.

Will sue. Fix this Now!

Product or Service Mentioned: Clover Valley Spaghetti Pasta.

Reason of review: Food Allergy no egg contamination listing in ingredients.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Clover Valley Cons: Caused severe food allergy.

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Get your daughters food from a health food store.A lot of them really help people that have bad allergies like this.I know as I am allergic to coconut.You would not believe how many things have that in them.Can't even eat out because so many places use it you would be surprised. They never list that as an ingredient in their menus either.People who do not deal with this never will understand it is a matter of life and death.And those epi pens are not cheap at all.


It literally says eggs on the back of the packaging. Learn to *** read. ALSO WHAT DID YOU THINK PASTA WAS MADE FROM?


What the heII do you think pasta is made from??? Eggs and flour.

If you needed specialty pasta without eggs you should have known buying cheap crap in a dollar store wasn't it. Stop blaming a company for your ignorance.

to Anonymous #1715055

This is helpful? Some customers rely on the content descriptions, and if the descriptions aren't complete, then the contents can be a danger to some people. Sarcasm isn't useful

to Anonymous #1716737

It's not sarcasm. It's the truth.

Go to Dollar General and get a box of the pasta from the shelf and READ the ingredients. It CLEARLY list EGGS.

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