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Bought a dozen Clover Valley eggs at Dollar General yesterday. Opened the carton this morning to make breakfast and discovered chicken poo on on one of the eggs about the size of a quarter.

Used them all for dog food. You would think that the very least bit of quality control would have prevented these eggs from reaching a retail store. Usually I will open a carton of eggs and inspect them before putting them in my cart, but I was in a hurry and neglected to do so this time. Will not make that mistake again.

This review keeps getting rejected because it does not contain one hundred words or more. Is this supposed to be a product review or a high school essay?

Review about: Clover Valley Eggs.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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And yet another idiotic review by a clueless person. You poor little snowflake, how will you survive this big bad world when you find a little poop on your eggs, you know, the ones you could have spent 5 seconds opening the carton and looking at before running up to the check out with your welfare card.

to fishki #1492404

Salmonella is found in the digestive tract and *** of chickens. Eggs become contaminated through salmonella coming in contact with the egg shells.Quick spreading negativity and ignorance; turn off the electronics and read a book once in a while.


For some strange reason everyone that I see getting egg at a store always opens the carton and moves the eggs around to make sure none are broken. If people would do that they would see that before leaving the store.


Seriously? You obviously have no idea where eggs come from.

We raise chickens and eat thier eggs. They always have poo or mud on them.

People nowadays are so disconnected from thier food sources. What a shame!



Hens only have a single rear orifice.

Both eggs & *** come frome same hole in the hen. To take the time to write your 'story', and multiple times to finally get it right with requirement compliance, says a lot about you.

Intolerant, clueless, impatient and a hair trigger. At least your pet(s) eat well


You do know eggs come out the rear of a chicken right? Just wash them if you were worried. You can instantly tell who would not survive cataclysmic event...smh

to Dragonflyz #1370398

Amen. At least if the end of the world comes some of these idiots will die from starvation from fear of eating.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1350751

Always check eggs before purchasing. No matter where you buy them from.

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