Please say it isn't so. Dollar General quit selling Mt explosion.

That is the next best thing to Mt Dew i have ever tasted. The low price is another reason i love it.

Is Dollar General planning to replace Clover Valley sodas with other store brand soda thats just as good,or is the company planning on offering nothing but name brands? The only thing im pissed about is having to do without my Mountain Explosion.

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I noticed recently in the 3 stores in driving distance that they no longer had any Clover Valley drinks (well, a couple cases of grape, and some had one of orange). I asked the clerk if they were doing away with the brand and that person didn't know anything about it.

I went specifically looking for their version of Dr Pepper, since that's rarely on sale, and the knock-offs are often pretty good, anyway. I ended up getting the last case of Mtn Explosion on the shelf. Pretty rotten that these stores get rid of stuff we like.

Some of us don't need to have a designer name on our drinks. Good thing Safeway still carries the cheap stuff.


I am so upset they discontinued it!! This was my favorite drink ever!

Please bring it back!!

It tasted so good! I legit drank at least 2 bottles of this powder mix every single day, now I have none and I am having withdraws!!


I drink 4 of them daily


Love Clover Valley, it's my favorite soda it doesn't mess my blood sugar up, other colas I have to take medicine if I drink it. I've switched to coffee even in hot days of summer..sure wish they'd bring clover valley back!


Bummer The big green bottles of Mountain Explosion sold out fast when they were shipped to our local dollar general store and it was one of the main reasons I stopped but no more. It was a good product with a citrus taste better than Mountain Dew.

The cans are not the same and I wont buy them anymore. That is sure bad business for dollar general management.


At the DG I work at we have discontinued the 2 liters but not the 12 packs yet. I was told that we were going to start selling a different private brand owned by the larger companies.


I am so upset. I went to Dollar General to buy the Clover Valley Mountain Explosion soda and was told that they no longer sell it.

PLEASE bring it back. It is absolutely delicious!!!

And the price was wonderful too. I am searching online to see where else I can buy it.


I would much rather have the clover valley soda sold in doller general it fits the budgets of dollar general shopper's more then high end name brands


Why would you take all your Iced Oatmeal Cookies off the shelf, just because the wrong cookie went into a few packages. We were told that the company, told the employees to throw them out..

I can't believe this was done, more like the workers took them home. Surely people can tell a macaroon cookie from an oatmeal...I hope you get them back and fast!


Judging by the two Dollar General stores near my, PepsiCo has told them they can sell Pepsi products or the Clover Valley knock-off versions (e.g., of Mt Dew and Doctor Pepper) but not both, so Dollar General decided to stick with the higher-profit margin name brands. So I'm not likely to ever again go into their stores, where I would commonly buy other stuff along with the good-deal Mountain Explosion.

I'm pissed. I'm trying to find (via Google search) somewhere else that might sell the beverage but am not having any luck yet.


Clover Valley is a private brand with Dollar General, you will not find it anywhere else.

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