Please say it isn't so. Dollar General quit selling Mt explosion.

That is the next best thing to Mt Dew i have ever tasted. The low price is another reason i love it.

Is Dollar General planning to replace Clover Valley sodas with other store brand soda thats just as good,or is the company planning on offering nothing but name brands? The only thing im pissed about is having to do without my Mountain Explosion.

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Does anyone know where or who I can contact to special order some? They have it on Amazon but TO EXPENSIVE


This was my favorite, I'm pissed too!


I loved this drink. General Dollar should start selling this again.

I have gone to all of the General Dollar stores, in my are, looking for it. I am sad to hear that it has been discontinued.

This was almost always my reason for going to General Dollar and I always bout othr items as well. It looks like they have lost a customer.


Here too. That was my main reason for going. No need to now unless they start selling again Then I'll buy other items from there as well


I am wondering, everyone is pissed and complaining (me as well) does anyone know if Clover Valley views this and is anything going to be done about it? Like maybe remaking it?


I feel the same way!!!!


I called DG corporate. Spoke to a rep who had no idea what I was asking about and asked if I had a UPC code.

No. I drank them mix and threw away the box and have not been able to find it in the store.

I asked her if she had access to their database of what the carry and she again said she couldnt find it. What the h...???!!!




I went to 7 DG stores today (2/29/2020) looking for their Mt explosion drink mix and couldn't find any


I did that 2 days ago. I noticed they have the 12 packs on the shelves no drink mix.


same here


I stopped drinking pop and drank water with the Mountain explosion drink mixes. Now this week it's off all the shelves.

Why? Why stop selling something that was always selling out???


This is one of few my 40 year old autistic, epileptic son can drink. He is looking online to try and buy.

It was one that didn't irritate his stomach. It's a disappointment.


I agree not all of us can drink anything due to health reasons. This was the only one I could stomach now I don’t know what I’m gonna do.


This is wrong I can’t find it any more


This is ridiculous find something you love and they do away with it!!!!!! Has anyone found an alternative? I can't go back to sodas!


Start selling at dollar tree


I agree. This is ridiculous.

They take away stuff that you like and then when you find something they like that they they get a word of it that is selling and then they take it away.

They're just like a glorified crap *** Walmart. Now that they ran out their business if ever there places, they're doing the same thing.


That is the only diet drink I will drink.


Well the last two 12 packs of MTN Explosion I have bot they where flat so i'm going to have to find another soda to drink Thank you for messing it up

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