Please say it isn't so. Dollar General quit selling Mt explosion.

That is the next best thing to Mt Dew i have ever tasted. The low price is another reason i love it.

Is Dollar General planning to replace Clover Valley sodas with other store brand soda thats just as good,or is the company planning on offering nothing but name brands? The only thing im pissed about is having to do without my Mountain Explosion.

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Mtn. Explosion 0 723** ***** * UPC I have one box left, I bought all I could find when I figured out they were being discontinued.


72392 3****


Being diabetic, I found the power drink mix to be the best!! BRING IT BACK!


I totally agree that this was my go to product and flavor drink. What happened?


I agree! I was addicted to that powder and they just pulled it from the stores!

Please at least give us a reason for this decision. It was always out of stock and when I found it I purchased all that was on the shelf, so why pull this product?

Doesn't seem like a good business decision to me. I have actually stopped going to Dollar General as often as I am so PO'd that they stopped offering Mountain Explosion Hope you are listening DG stores.


I totally agree! If I could find out who made it for them I would get it manufactured and become a distributor of it


I'm diabetic and the mtn explosion drink mixes... Please bring them back!


Please Please bring back your Mt.Explosion single drink packs.These are my favorite out of all the to go packs,so I am begging you Please bring them back.I would continue to buy the *** out of them!!!!


Omg Im so mad too!!!! This was my lifeline while dieting.

It was always out of syock so people bought it. Bring it back!!!!


Please, Please, Please bring back the mountain explosion.


Please tell me that mountain explosion will be coming back soon !! I don’t drink sodas and I can’t take just plain water and I really LOVE this taste !!


Same here!!


Me too. I've been trying to find it every place I go.

I love the water mix!!

I would by it by the boxes not a box at a time. I drank a lot of it.


Well I will no longer be going to Dollar General, because they discontinued my Mountain Explosion drink mix! That’s why I went there to begin with, I can get all the drink mixes they sell at a regular grocery store!

I loved the clover valley brand and now I’m disappointed. Please bring it back, I would buy everything on the shelf when I found it.



Does anyone know where or who I can contact to special order some? They have it on Amazon but TO EXPENSIVE


This was my favorite, I'm pissed too!


I loved this drink. General Dollar should start selling this again.

I have gone to all of the General Dollar stores, in my are, looking for it. I am sad to hear that it has been discontinued.

This was almost always my reason for going to General Dollar and I always bout othr items as well. It looks like they have lost a customer.


Here too. That was my main reason for going. No need to now unless they start selling again Then I'll buy other items from there as well


I am wondering, everyone is pissed and complaining (me as well) does anyone know if Clover Valley views this and is anything going to be done about it? Like maybe remaking it?


I feel the same way!!!!

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