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each time disappointed not seeing mt. expl.

red soda...just green. mass produce could be the answer. it seems to be the first to run out. help make your people happy, plenty of supply.

put mt. explosion red, back on the shelfs. work it people. i promise you will bring home more green in the pockets.

i usally buy 4-6 in one visit. keeps my kids full of energy, and busy, just loving it. was a big red drinker, you changed me, now full fill me. lol thank you for listening to me.

anita supplys need in winnsboro, texas pittsburg, texas...and the one in the middle, out in the country. highway 11........please send some 2.5 liters bottles. so ready right now, love the flavor.

sulphur springs dont have any on the shelves...we drive over 40 miles there and 40 back, even how expensive gas is. it seems worth it, just for that drink.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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OMG, Have you EVER heard of capital letters at the beginning of a sentence!! And, put FULL sentences together!!!Unless this is a third grader, quit writing and go back to school!!!

to Anonymous #1393586

The internet is not school honey.

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