Clover Valley Sparkling Bottled Water Reviews

LOVE their lemon lime sparkling water!! I'm on a diet and I drink at least 3 bottles a day. Tastes almost like Sierra Mist soda. .
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Anonymous Look up potassium benzoate plus citric acid which this drink contains becomes carcinogenic to people too bad I really liked this drink there so be some kind of warning or chan...

I did not know the White Grape water had been discontinued. I went to about eight DGs all over the state, and I could not find one. Finally a stock guy told me it was discontinued. I am sick about this! As the others have said, this was the best flavor, and I've told many people about it. Many found that as their new favorite drink. I know you want to bring in new flavors, but I haven't found ONE I like. The coconut pineapple made my...
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I liked
  • Clover valley white grape sparkling water
  • Five dollar off coupon
I didn't like
  • Pineapple coconut sparkling water