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Clover Valley milk is awful. It is the worst milk I have ever tried to drink.

It tastes like powdered milk only worse. There is a Dollar General 5 miles up the road from me and I used to buy my milk there all the time until they started selling Clover Valley. I keep trying to drink it because the store is convenient but have decided after this last gallon I bought and tried to drink, I'd rather go 20 miles to Walmart for milk I can drink. My family usually drink a gallon of milk in 3 days, We hate to waste anything but this milk was a waste the day I brought it home and now after trying for a week to drink it, I am pouring the other half of the gallon out and going elsewhere.

I don't know how many people have written about this but after talking to many I find I'm not the only one. It is horrid!

What's even worse is there is no info I can find to contact the company General Dollar about it. #worstmilkever

User's recommendation: Don't buy the milk.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clover Valley Milk.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Clover Valley Pros: Product is cheap, Store bought at is convenient.

Clover Valley Cons: Can not seem to contact co itself, After five gallons not one fit to drink.

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I feel your pain. I live in Boyd's Creek neighborhood, in between Sevierville and Seymour, Tennessee.

The only store that's close by is a Dollar General. Other grocery stores are miles away. When I first moved here, DG sold Mayfield Milk and I was very happy. About a month, or so later, they quit selling Mayfield and started selling that Clover Valley crap.

I was so angry! Now, I drive to Seymour or Sevierville and pick up Mayfield Milk elsewhere.

A lot of store brand merchandise sucks. Stick with the brand name things that you like.

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