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This creamer used to be our family’s favorite. The manufacturer changed the product without giving costumers any indication that the formula has changed.

The new coffee creamer is thick, bitter, a different color, does not mix well with coffee, and has a resemblance to cough syrup in taste.

I am extremely dissatisfied with the change and the lack of transparency the company has shown by not clearly stating this reformulated product.

I will not be purchasing this product again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clover Valley French Vanilla Coffee Creamer.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Clover valley liquid creamer used to be my favorite. I've noticed the change and thought I got a bad batch.

I didn't buy anymore for awhile. I've gotten a new bottle and it's thick as pudding. Will not pour.

Messy and gross. I absolutely will not buy anymore.


I agree...this creamer is disgusting!!! Taking ours back for a refund and will not purchase again!!

to Anonymous #1575233

The new creamer is allfull


I agree!! Just now drinking first cup with this new formula.

I bought three bottles not realizing anything but the shape of the bottle had changed. The picture on the front is the same, the packaging is almost identical with the exception of the shape of the bottle, and I opened it up and the creamer immediately looks different. Like you said it's thicker and a different color. And I noticed it has more calories (50, up from 35)and more carbs (9, up from 5) and TWICE as much sodium per tablespoon (40mg up from 20).

The toll free number listed on the bottle to report dissatisfaction with the product is 888-309-9030. I have a call to make and some Coffeemate to buy.




I am with YOU. I wont purchase it again either.

They killed a good thing trying to save a dime and will lose thousands of dollars over it. Just read the web.

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