Charleroi, Pennsylvania

I purchased these chocolate chip cookies today from DG in Donora, PA. There is a gross fungus or something growing on the chocolate chips.

This package doesn't expire until 2016. What is growing on the chocolate chips, eww!!

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Looks like flour


Well you did want chewy cookies! Did you at least try it out to make sure it was good? Hopefully the new taint fungus encrusted cookies will be a big hit!


Your Reality Check has been served. :)


I believe the company is experimenting with a new ingredient, taint fungus. You heard it right!

I hear its a great new ingredient that came directly from the CEO himself.

He probably thought to himself, "Hmmmmm, perhaps if i put my taint fungus on this batch it will encourage these lazy retards to buy our less popular cookie dough." In which case the company obviously has strong beliefs in hard work and perseverance. Not only in its employees, but also their customers.

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