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I bought a 6 pack of Valley Clover Purified Drinking water yesterday at a brand new Dollar General and opened it up to drink it. After a good swig of it I smelled and tasted like if it was rotten sewer.

I told my husband that I think this water is bad. Then we looked at it and there was all shapes and sizes and even colors of particles floating in it. So I read up on water recals and ecoli and of course Niagra Botttling in Ontario,Cal. But its not from 2015 this time .The date is Dec16 2018 .

I would say they have a problem again. If its ecoli regardless,this should not happen and especially to me. I am 62 years old and fighting non-hodgkins lymphoma. I cant have the ecoli virus.

I am never drinking water ever again. Niagra and Clover Valley wake up before you actually have a death on your hands.My name is Monica Wood

Review about: Clover Valley Purified Bottled Water.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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My roommate bought a case of bottled Clover Valley water. I grabbed one put of the fridge the other day and went to pour it in my shaker cup with protein in it and it turned into this gel substance. I then poured it into a bowl with nothing in it and it did the same thing.


Same experience. I thought it was sewer water. Should i get checked by my doctor?


I can same experience with Clover Valley water that was purchased 9/24/17.

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