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Being disabled and on a very limited budget, I really must watch how I spend most of us these days. I was really hungry for POP TARTS (which I know I can trust) but couldn't afford it so I opted for the "Clover Valley".

Bad move. I woke this morning and went to get breakfast and my cupboard was full of ants! They had been drawn in by 2 of the Clover Valley toaster pastries which had small holes in the foil packaging. The box had not yet even been opened.

Disgusting! Everything else in my cupboards are sealed my cupboards are clean and I am covered in ant bites.

Never again will I touch Clover Valley" foods. I don't care how broke I am.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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OMG! Took me a while to find a place to post my complaint.

I just opened a can of chicken noodle soup from Clover Valley, that I purchased from out local Dollar General store. Dumped it into the pot, and as I was heating it up I noticed these brown particles floating to the surface. I began spooning them out, one by one. Finally a piece about 1/2 inch long came up to the surface.

I removed it, and put it on a saucer to take a closer look. It looks like a worm or I don't know what. Dark brown, with a skin over the outside of it, and looks like it was cut on one end.

Disgusting! Threw the soup away, but saved this nasty looking thing in water to keep it looking just like it did when I discovered it in the soup, because I really want to find out how I can notify Clover Valley itself.

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