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Opened my bread crumbs i just bought today started pouring in a bowl and then i saw a hair sticking out! So gross!

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Ok, so on the *** back I finally see a tiny almost unseen print saying partially genetic engineering!!! You're kidding right? Why the *** isn't this labeled on the front in big bold letters? I was feeding this *** to my kids you companies are nothing more than money hungry greedy sobs!!!! And wonder why this world is going to *** because no corporations care anymore about what goes in your body, its about what comes out of our pocket into your... Read more

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Bought a MTN. Explosion 12 Pack and its awful. Taste like grass. Dont buy.

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Clover Valley - Genetically Engineered Foods?
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I don't think anyone wants genetically engineered produced foods. This warning should have been on the FRONT of the bag. I would have not purchased this product had I seen this first. Why do I need at least 100 words. I believe I got my point across. I shop DG all the time and alot of your products are decent. But I'm not happy trying to come up with 100 words! Seriously? words words words words words words words words words words words words... Read more

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Tastes like motor oil going to hospital to be checked out

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I bought this cheese yesterday, Sept. 10th, 2016 when I was using it I pulled out a chunk of mold from the bag. disgusting. I fed this cheese to my daughter not knowing it had gone bad before its expiration date.

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The Ultimate Caffiene K cups are awesome!! Not bitter and a very smooth blend!

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LOVE their lemon lime sparkling water!! I'm on a diet and I drink at least 3 bottles a day. Tastes almost like Sierra Mist soda.

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I recently tried their complete buttermilk pancake mix where just add water--it was excellent taste and quality. Will certainly buy again.

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The root beer is nasty and the can smells like dirt.

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